ChiloChill Kiteboarding Gear Rental


 Don’t have equipment but you already know how to kite? Don’t worry at Chilo Chill we can rent you everything you need to spend amazing day on the water!

-New 2018/2019 CORE kites and bars


-Variety of kiteboards,

-Mystic harnesses, impact vests and helmets

-We also rent wetsuits for colder days! 

We rent our gear only to independent riders. 
If you are not sure of your abilities, we recommend taking a lesson. Our instructors will confirm your level and give you approval for renting.

Independent rider knows how to:
1. Set up a kite and connect the lines  2. Launch and land safely  3. Retrieve the board  4. Ride up wind and do transitions  5. Apply rules of way  6. Perform self-rescue
If you miss at least one of these points we recommend you taking a lesson. 

Kiteboarding is extreme sport which requires certain skills and technique. Our instructors will check rentier knowledge before renting the gear. In case of overestimating riders abilities Chilo Chill reserves the rights to take equipment back and return half of paid price. Decision can be made for good of equipment, riders safety as well as safety of others on the water.



Whole equipment (kite,bar, board, harness, wetsuit)

Kite ,bar and board

Kite and bar

Kite board


Wet suit

Price per day

110 USD

90 USD

70 USD

25 USD

15 USD

15 USD

Equipment  – Price per day

Whole equipment (kite,bar, board, harness, wetsuit) – 110USD

Kite ,bar and board – 90 USD

Kite and bar – 70 USD

Kite board – 25 USD

Harness – 15 USD

Wet suit – 15 USD

20% off total price if you rent for more than 3 days


  • Prices do not include 16% Mexican IVA tax.
  • While renting you will be asked to fill our rental waiver and leave your credit card details while gear is with you.
  • The equipment has to be returned to the school everyday before 6 pm.
  • Equipment can be rented for 2 hours for half od daily price. In case of wind picking up late this rule may apply as well.
  • Rented equipment can’t be taken from La Ventana but of course you can do the downwinder from hot springs.
  • Returned equipment  will be checked, in case of any damages rentier will be charged for repair.

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